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Katherine Hahn Singer

CNVC certified trainer
Founder of the Korean Center for Nonviolent Communication, Seoul, Korea
Board member of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, Albuquerque, NM, USA

I had two major tragedies in my life. One was the Korean War which broke out when I was 5 years old. I did not have a childhood. I spent my childhood as a refugee watching fear, despair and hopelessness on my parents faces. So I know what a war does to children and to the rest of their lives. Another tragedy was my younger brother's suicide 28 years ago. After that I fell into a deep depression for years. The only thing that really helped me to get out of it was Nonviolent Communication which I came across about 15 years ago. NVC helps me to understand the real causes behind war and suicide.

It has helped me to understand and sort out my internal conflicts and also those I have had with others. I have learned to accept others and myself (still working on it) as they are, usually in some kind of pain in the process of unfolding and personal evolving. I'm enjoying life much more and with a lightness that comes from understanding myself and others in more depth. Sharing NVC with other people gives my life meaning and fulfillment.

I'm deeply grateful to Marshall Rosenberg who made al this possible by introducing me to Nonviolent Communication to me. As a certified trainer of Center for Nonviolent Communication I've been enjoying support and camaraderie among trainers from all over the world.

Since the Korean Center of Nonviolent Communication opened in 2007, I'm enjoying the sense of community and belonging. I'm very touched and grateful for the support and cooperation among the staff and volunteers.

Her publications

she translated Marshall Rosenberg’s two books into Korean: Nonviolent Communication in 2004 and Life Enriching Communication in 2009. She translated Rita Herzog & Kathy Smith’s children’s book entitled The Mayor of Jackal Heights into Korean. She is also the chief translator of Lucy Leu’s Nonviolent Communication Companion Book.

You can listen to Katherine Singer’s being interviewed by Mary Mackenzie, co-founder of NVC Academy at http://nvctraining.com. That talk aims to enhance understanding of how Nonviolent Communication is being successfully used in the world. Audio length 18 minutes.

To contact her
  • email: ksinger@krnvc.org, nvc@krnvc.org
  • phone: 02-6085-5585, 02-325-5586
  • Address: The Korean Center for Nonviolent Communication 501-15 Changchun-dong, Seodaemun-gu,
    Seoul 120-836, Korea