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You can purchase NVC learning materials both from the Korean Center for Nonviolent Communication and from a variety of places. You can purchase them at:
the CNVC bookstore, PuddleDancer Press, Independent Publishers' Group,, or your local bookstore. Each option affects continued access to the life-changing skills of NVC worldwide. As you read these options, please consider how they might meet both your needs, and the needs of the organization you buy from. We’d like everyone to be empowered in his/her buying choices. For further information please go to the CNVC website.

To order in Korea
  • By Phone: Order by calling 02-3142-5586
  • By Email: Order by emailing at
  • Send your payment for the order to the following bank account: Sinhan Bank 110-241-549799 (Singer Katherine)

If you have any questions, call at 02-3142-5586 or email us at