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We offer in-house training courses at the Center:

3 hours, daylong, weekend, 9-day trainings, etc. We offer NVC trainings both in English and in Korean.

Introduction Course

The introduction seminar will offer participants a brief history of NVC, an overview of the understanding and some beginning-level practice

Foundation Course

The foundation training will provide participants full understanding of the principles and practice in applying the skills to real life situation. Six-week course or weekend intensive course

Further Training

The further training will offer participants further integration of skills, especially in moments of high stress, long-standing conflict, or deeper issues. Six-week course or weekend intensive course

Training with guest certified trainers

We invite special guest trainers from around the world.

International Intensive Training with Marshall  Rosenberg

Immerse yourself in the spirit and language of Nonviolent Communication. Nine days to experience a world where everyone’s intention is to communicate compassionately. For further information on IIT, please visit the CNVC website.

Many more courses and events in the Korean language may be found at the Korean Site.

We are posting trainings we are offering in the "NEWS" of the Open Forum. For more information for trainings,
please call at 02-6085-5585 or email us at

If you wish to register, please email or call us with the information:
- Your Name
- Email
- (Mobile) Phone
- Training date(s) and time you wish to register